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PDF OCR X is a simple drag-and-drop utility for Mac OS X and Windows, that converts your PDFs and images into text documents or searchable PDF files. It uses advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology to extract the text of the PDF even if that text is contained in an.
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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Barbara Brundage Barbara Brundage. View answer in context. Loading page content. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Your other option is to get a Firewire external hard drive, and boot from Tiger on that drive to use your old OCR software. Having an external hard drive that is Firewire is excellent for backing up to a clone, and having a separate partition to boot into older operating systems.

You might find additional scanning software that includes OCR from open source titles. Message was edited by: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. If I choose Appleworks it saves the file as a draw document.

If I save it as a Word file, I can't find it on my computer. It seems sort of silly to have the capability and not know how to use it.

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Works like a charm It still uses Readiris software behind the scene. Hi, does someone knows what to do to get a HP nfi scanning working under I don't see my scanner in the print and fax pane, even after selecting the printer. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. HP's printer software and utilities were replaced with built-in items in OS X Snow Leopard, after a few tense days where HP initially declined to support the new operating system.

PDF OCR X - Mac & Windows OCR Software to convert PDFs and Images to Text

Many of us remember our outrage when some HP spokesdrone actually stated that users should buy new printers if they wanted Snow Leopard support. Those of us who didn't run screaming to Canon or some other brand have made do with a reduced feature-set for our HP printers. I tried the following, and not only did it work for me, but it was a really sweet solution.

At its heart is Tesseract , an open-source OCR engine that originated at HP how's that for irony and is currently maintained and used by Google.

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I found that some of the online instructions for deploying and using Tesseract were a little bit confusing and contradictory. But here's what worked for me. As always: With that caveat out of the way: Be logged in to your Mac as an Adminstrator. Download Tesseract 2.

The expansion process will create a new subfolder, tesseract Download the English dictionary file [ KB download ] Expand the dictionary download. Copy the contents of the resulting folder to the tessdata subfolder inside the aforementioned tesseract Each will take a minute or two to run: You have now installed your OCR engine. It can OCR uncompressed.

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However, they must have a. To create a converted text file of name someimage. Now, my HP all-in-one's scanner produces a few graphics formats including. TIF files when fed a. Or, you can load your scanned image into Preview and Save As to the. Folder Action OCR: I made a sweet Folder Action script my very first! In this case, I modified the script to call the shell script above.

OCR Software for the Mac

Just open the Folder Action script editor and paste the following code in; it works beautifully. The script convert files from uncompressed. You are not permitted to redistribute this Apple sample code as "Apple sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from Apple sample code, but that you've made changes. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

This site is not responsible for what they say. Coumerelli on Feb 18, '10 Is this really And only with HP printers? I'm gong to try with my Glad to hear it works Authored by: Install XCode Tools Authored by: You have to install the XCode tools available for free from apple. Also available for Fink users: Quick edits to folder action script, and a quick folder action scripts how to Authored by: The folder action script works as long as your TIFF file extension is "tif" and not ".

Here's what you do to edit the script to change ". Copy the script text from the hint. Paste the script text into the script editing window. Hit "compile" and it will probably give you an error message because there are line breaks from your pasted text that shouldn't be there.

In most cases you can just hit "ok" and then hit the space bar to replace the highlighted linebreak with a space. Sometimes it requires manually fixing a linebreak-- in this script, "giving up after " should not be on its own line, but should finish the line before it. When you can hit "compile" without an error message, consider making the edits I suggested.

If you don't have a "Folder Action Scripts" folder, create one there. Do a Spotlight search for "Folder Actions Setup. Select the folder create it first in Finder if need be you want to add a folder action script to. Be sure "Enable Folder Actions" is checked, and quit. Wonderful suggestions, thanks very much.

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  • In the past, the interface was quite poor but version 12 has been completely redesigned for Mac OS X with a slicker interface and more helpful step-by-step scanning hints. Readiris Pro is very accurate in faithfully recreating the original format of your documents and replaces columns of text, tables, and graphics in the output file.

    Readiris Pro isn't perfect though. However, the accuracy of formatting is superb and probably the best you'll find on Mac. Readiris Pro is an immensely powerful OCR software for Macs that excels when it comes to preserving formatting. Readiris Pro probably has more features than you'll ever need, but the most important thing is that its very View full description.

    Softonic review Readiris Pro is probably one of the most powerful OCR packages for Mac allowing you to turn documents into editable text in seconds.