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I'll admit I'm biased because I've been working with it for years now, but Apple's Logic has one of the best MIDI editing interfaces going. If the Pro version is a.
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Notation: if auto-zoomed-in when switching to notation view, ensure edit cursor visible Notation: improve accidental positions on displaced notes and clusters. Undo: fix undo history compacting. Preferences: fix option to create new project tab when inserting media using "open with ReaSurround: fix automation of diffusion bias knob. Render: increase dither bit width to 1.

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FX: fix updating bypass checkbox in floating window when bypassed from FX chain window. ReaSurround: fix automation of knob-based controls. Ruler: fix grid drawing inaccuracy when zoomed in and grid set to triplets. MIDI: do not display velocity data in arrange view. Automation items: fix automation items being left behind when key modifiers change during media item edit. FX: ensure no feedback loop created when building multichannel routing on a folder.

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FX: fix looping PDC automation issues near loop point. Media: when replacing source media, reset start offset if it is no longer within the source media length. Mouse modifiers: new modifier to add or toggle media items or MIDI notes to selection, and set time selection to selected items or notes MusicXML: fix manual quantizing after import. Recording: latency-compensate input-FX delay. Regions: copy regions without splitting the original media items. Solo: improve behavior with routing and folders. Take pan: produce stereo output when rendering mono items with pan or pan envelopes Tempo envelope: add action to insert tempo marker at cursor, without opening the tempo edit dialog Undo: avoid over-compaction of undo history.

VST: avoid incorrect offline-processing notifications on plug-in load Windows: fix topmost pin state remembering when using non-latin pathnames.

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Automation: copy automation item mute state when duplicating regions. Automation: always remove points from underlying envelope when creating automation items Automation: monitor existing automation items when writing into an automation item Automation: option to trim content behind automation items when editing also trims when writing automation Automation: write into selected automation items only Automation: trim overlapping automation items on actions to write current value to envelope and create a new automation item.

Tempo envelope: fix behavior when duplicate tempo envelope points exist. Tempo envelope: improve behavior when tempo envelope contains markers with "allow partial measure before this marker" enabled. Tempo envelope: inserting the first tempo change no longer defaults to linear transition mode Tempo envelope: fix "ripple-all affects tempo envelope" option, independent of "envelope points move with media items" option. Theme loading: fix toolbar button background preview for zipped themes.

Theme loading: increase maximum zipped file count from to Undo: include time selection in marquee undo points. Windows: fix various issues with non-latin characters in installation path Windows: fix project bay drag and drop of filenames with UTF-8 Windows: fix DX plug-in scanning memory leak Windows: support dragging multiple files from other applications that place both file names and file URLs on the clipboard.

Bouncing MIDI Framework Folder - Pro Tools® 8.0.3 Mac OS X - Technical Workaround

Media items: group items correctly after moving within time selection. Media explorer: fix missing context menu items. Notation editor: improve stem drawing Notation editor: suppport themeable colors Preferences: remove UI lazy updates option, always use UpdateWindow on Windows ReaSurround: fix automation behaviors for LFE and speaker output levels. Routing window: fix accessibility support regression in 5.

Startup: remember size of project selection window Startup: prevent new windows from being initialized with offscreen titlebars Undo: improve undo history context menu with ability to look at. Video: fix potential memory errors with certain video processors macOS: check for GL shader support when opening video window rather than from video thread macOS: disable word-wrap in various text windows. Routing window: fix potential crash with multiple windows open.

Solo: fix child-folder implied solo send behavior changed in 5.

FaderMaster Pro MIDI Software for Mac OS X™

Undo: fix incorrect undo points when removing last track s from project. Automation items: support preview in media explorer Automation items: support various context menu actions from media explorer Automation items: fix potential hang when populating submenus.

Automation items: add automation item double-click mouse modifier to load saved automation item Envelopes: add option to always create new automation item when writing automation always enabled in automation-item-only mode Envelopes: change bezier curve smoothness calculation so that curves are less sensitive to changes in surrounding points existing projects are unaffected Envelopes: add theme color for unselected automation item Envelopes: fix activating receive envelopes from envelope dialog.

Envelopes: fix end point behavior of action to insert four points at time selection. Envelopes: generally restrict mute envelope points to on or off state Envelopes: respect "ignore mousewheel on track panel faders" for envelope control panels Envelopes: show move guides for automation item edits Envelopes: in automation-item-only mode, chase previous automation item value on seek. Mouse modifiers: fix actions to set default mouse modifiers for newly-added contexts. Solo: improve solo-in-place behavior for receives on folder tracks Solo: improve solo-in-place behavior when both sides of a send are soloed.

Take FX: improve handling of PDC with master playspeed envelopes Tooltips: show correct tooltip when track muted due to envelope Undo: prevent storing many duplicate empty state blocks in history Undo: support more efficient encoding of track configurations in history new undo histories will not be loadable by 5. MIDI editor: fix inline editor insert note via left-click mousemap with main editor open. Media explorer: fix preview playback when not using start-at-measure. Opus: support reading opus files named.

Routing windows: update destination UI when changing send channel count in certain instances. Envelopes: avoid potential bad outcome when deleting all envelope points and automation items within time selection. Envelopes: fix snap behavior for doubleclick insert point mouse modifiers. MIDI editor: label channel pressure messages consistently. MIDI editor: preview note in key on first mouse down when key snap enabled. MIDI export: avoid creating two tempo change events at the same time position. Notation editor: improve localization.

  1. NB: This product is discontinued.!
  2. MixPad Free MIDI Editing and Sequencing Software.
  3. Logic Pro X.
  4. Peaks display settings: fix UI glitch when items have spectrogram enabled. Routing matrix: support horizontal-wheel scroll Routing: increase destination track channel count when configuring multichannel send. Audio: avoid changing device samplerate to default samplerate when loading projects. Envelopes: fix initial value when auto-adding FX parameter envelope. LAME: bundle libmp3lame 3. MIDI editor: handle click on track title exactly like a click on the activate icon in the MIDI track list Metronome: support triplets in metronome pattern.

    Notation editor: preserve notation for non-displayed notes when edits are made with channel filter active. ReaScript: avoid setting console focus on reaper.


    ShowConsoleMsg "" ReaScript: improve display updates for some scripts Sends: set focus for temporary single-send adjustment windows Spectrogram: add spectral editing support, action to insert new edit regions - video Theme: fix incorrect separators with grouped tracks. Undo: improve undo efficiency Undo: automatically make capitalization consistent for non-localized undo point description strings Undo: fix behavior when reordering FX with automation.

    VST: send 10 channel speaker arrangements as user-defined. MIDI: support ". Media explorer: fix folder icon display error on macOS Smooth seek: fix potential hang. Heal splits: fix potential crash when healing take automation.

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    MIDI editor: fix quantize behavior when grid is a full measure or greater ReaScript: prevent potential crash from Lua scripts that create excessive recursive tables. Media items: fix bugs relating to multiple stretch markers very close to each other and close to item start. Media items: improve behavior when toggling loop section on reversed takes MIDI: add action to remove all chord notation MIDI: interpret grid lengths longer than the current measure length as a number of bars MIDI: improve notation meta-event lane display MIDI: clip note name text when displaying all channels.

    Notation: fix positioning of articulations and ornaments on voiced notes Notation: make it easier to select notes with the mouse Notation: respect preference for accidental direction in C major when key signature changes are stored per track Notation: support edits wrapping around to the previous or next row in page view Notation: support custom notation, including mixed plain text and notation symbols Notation: improve trill display Notation: use Times instead of Verdana for plain text; also other text drawing tweaks Parameter modulation: sample-accurate evaluation of LFO direction changes for plug-ins that support sample-accurate automation Peaks display settings: fix left edge of color adjustment.

    Performance: improve anticipative FX behavior when using project playrate.


    ReaScript: avoid self-destruction when running the action to close all running ReaScripts from a ReaScript. ReaScript: update take audio accessors when stretch markers change Recording: record during audio pre-roll extend left edge of media item to reveal pre-roll recording - video REX: when adjusting project tempo or stretching media, adjust REX embedded tempo rather than resampling. MIDI: add option to edit velocity only when mouse is within velocity bar.

    Notation: add "remove" button to tuplet dialog Notation: add action to identify chords on grid Notation: add support for manually entering chord notation Notation: include user-defined chords loaded from MIDI editor key snap dropdown when identifying chords Notation: add support for more note ornaments, techniques, types of slur, and per-note text notation Notation: reduce clutter when drawing voiced notes, rests, ties, and ornaments Notation: actions to change or select note voice affect tuplets.

    Notation: fix potential hang in MusicXML export. Transport: do not apply unedited text fields when enter is not pressed. Transport: improve behavior when adding tempo markers from BPM field. Undo: include modified envelopes in undo states when modifying time map. Video: improve behavior of video processor bypass automation Video: include fullscreen state in screensets Video: restore fullscreen state on re-open if window not docked WavPack: upgrade to WavPack 5.

    Windows: improve knob behavior when adjusted from touch input. Lyrics: increase font size for current lyric in lyrics. ReaScript: support ending multiple submenus at once. Notation: add Note Properties to note context menu Notation: add support for double and triple dotted notes Notation: add support for tremolo ornament Notation: make all visible tracks editable by default. Video: improve reverse item playback performance. Automation: obey beats timebase when moving or pasting multiple envelope points.

    MIDI editor: smoother velocity lane editing. Mixer: fix double-click to add track when the last visible track is a folder, tracks in folder are hidden, and folder is closed. MusicXML: export hollow and filled diamond noteheads properly. MusicXML: fix vertical positioning of exported dynamics. MusicXML: properly export mixed accidentals. Notation PDF export: fix detached flags at certain zoom levels Notation editor: fix detached flags at certain zoom levels Notation editor: add option to position dynamics below the staff by default Notation editor: prevent copied phrases from spanning multiple tracks.

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    Notation editor: properly undo edits on secondary tracks. Notation editor: support two articulations plus one ornament per note Playback: fix potential hang issue with 'flush FX on loop' option enabled. Playback: improve anticipative FX corner case on loop with sends and PDC Playback: fix potential glitch when changing track channel count or flushing FX on loop Reascript: add MIDI lyrics viewer script, action to launch it Stretch markers: improve auto-add of markers on tempo map edits, moving across tempo changes.