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Question: Q: MacBook Pro shows circle with diagonal line and won't boot up. Help me I just updated it and the circle with the slash in the middle appeared. See Mac OS X- Gray screen or prohibitory sign appears during startup. Also, see: Question (?) Mark, Blinking Folder, or Gray Screen at Startup.
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If it is useful to fix the problem, you are able to add the login items one by one later on System Preferences.

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However, what if the problem happens again? Remove the previous login items and restart your MacBook.

Resolve boot issues showing 'prohibitory' sign - CNET

When an issue doesn't happen again after safe mode, it might be the result of a cache or directory issue with your startup disk, which has been fixed in Safe mode. The utilities in macOS Recovery can help you to repair or erase a hard disk.

With Recovery Mode, you are able to fix MacBook stuck on the loading screen. Step 1. If after trying all the methods above, your Mac is still stuck so you will have to take your Mac to a local Apple Store to get it fixed. There could be a more intricate issue deep inside your Mac that should be handled by the professionals. You should get your Mac fixed for free if it is under warranty.

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Click Privacy Policy to learn more. Got it! Product Multimedia. Data Recovery MacMaster Hidata. Reset your Mac's SMC 2. Boot up your Mac in Safe Mode 4. Boot up your Mac in Recovery Mode 5. Boot up your Mac in Single-User Mode 6. Make a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple Store 1. Boot up your Mac in Safe Mode Safe Mode is designed to help users troubleshoot issues related to your startup disk.

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Boot up or reboot your MacBook. Step 3. Release Shift key when login window shows.

How to Fix the Prohibitory Symbol on a Mac ("Do Not Enter" Symbol)

Tips You are able to restart Macbook again without pressing any keys when an issue doesn't happen in safe mode. Sometimes your Mac will give a warning sign before these become major issues.

What is grey screen on Mac?

You press the power button on your Mac, and nothing happens. Instead of panicking, try these steps one at a time to diagnose the problem:. Our guide to troubleshooting all Mac boot problems will get it fixed quickly. Read More if you still have trouble. Once you power on your Mac, a sequence of booting events occurs until the login screen or desktop appears. Occasionally, you may find that your Mac restarts spontaneously.

The presence of this warning sign is what distinguishes kernel panics from app-related crashes and restarts.

A single kernel panic is usually not a problem. But when it happens often, something more serious may be afoot. Your Mac contains some vital sensors that respond to temperature changes inside your system. These turn on your fan and provide necessary airflow to cool critical components. Sometimes an app requires a great deal of processing power to complete its task.

In such cases, your fans will run heavily and make noise. MacBooks can randomly power off despite having an internal battery. This unpredictable issue results in the loss of unsaved work.

How to Boot a Mac from an External Drive or Alternate Startup Disk

Worse, it might damage your hardware and macOS. Macs can have problems just like other computers. Defective components, the age of your Mac, and user-based errors can cause a variety of issues. As a result, these warning signs require thought and care. We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more. Read More to protect your files. Your email address will not be published.

I am hearing a big ben noise from my MacBook and I have closed everything on my mac but it seems to still happen, what does this mean, is my computer under a problem??

MacBook Hangs at Startup With a Spinning Wheel That Just Keeps Spinning

Just tried to turn my iMac on and there is a scraping noise coming from the main body of the computer and there is nothing but a white screen. After unplugging and trying again the scraping noise is now accompanied by a beep both of which are now coming at approx 4 second intervals with no sign of the computer starting up. I'm presuming it's terminal and considering I haven't backed it up for a few months I think I may be screwed