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As an Office user in the UK running Microsoft Excel for Mac version under OS X I find in incredibly annoying not to be able to enter dates in UK dd/mm/yy format. Instead, even though the cell is defined as dd/mm/yyyy, when I enter 12/3, I get 03/12/
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For reference: One time a colleague of mine started a data collection worksheet using Excel for Mac and one of the data fields was the date. After data had been collected for over a week I realized the workbook was using the date system. Knowing the file would be used exclusively on Windows computers I endeavored to change the date system setting and realized there would have to be some conversion of the existing data.

In a different column I simply entered a formula to subtract 1, from the existing dates, copied, and then pasted as values. Next I un-checked the box for the date system and used the new date column.

Microsoft Excel Date Systems for Windows and Mac

My recommendation is to be aware if the Excel file you are using has come from a Mac and if so, check out which date system is being used. Be careful when changing the settings for the date system because the dates will change for any current data in the workbook. If you have dates you need to convert from one system to another, adding or subtracting 1, to the dates can give you a quick solution for what I call date dementia.

Hi Gregory, I wonder if you could help me out. I have code that runs in Windows and can tell me the input locale, however the libraries used are native to Windows and not Mac. Can yo tell me a way if exists to query the input locale or regional date format on a Mac?

I have Office for Mac. Thank you in advance, Arik.

Apply date format

It uses the Application. Tshilidzi Mudau 2, 22 Naveen Naveen 1 2.

Excel 2016 V16 Convert Date format from yyyymmdd to dd/mm/yyyy

Just set the formatting in the cell. Glenn Lawrence Glenn Lawrence 1, 20 I'd already said that in an answer - stackoverflow. GLeb GLeb 77 5. Do you actually mean yyyy-mm-dd hh: There's also ISO format which is similar: Yes, you right, and with capitalized HH to 24hours format.

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Downvoted because I don't think this is very complete or correct as an answer, sorry. Right click on the affected cell, select Format Cells , then under Category select Date and under Type select the type that looks something like this: Matthew Jones Matthew Jones That is actually true NET work in excel?

If the data is exported from. NET to Excel as a string, and it looks something similar to my example, it should work when you format the cells. As for culture-specificity? Category is Custom in Excel that might provide what you are looking for.

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If your version of Excel doesn't come with a standard date-time format you can enter it as a custom field as explained in my answer below. You can set date time values to a cell in XlsIO using one of these options sheet.

Now; sheet. The link is for the latest docs help.

Changing default dates on Excel for Mac - Microsoft Tech Community -

I would expect XlsIO to have something similar. Any idea? Andresch Serj Andresch Serj 1 1 So the steps are: On the Excel menu, click Preferences. Under Formulas and Lists, click Calculation. Under Workbook options, select the Use the date system check box. No, that's a different problem. That would just result in "wrong calculation" but what i talk about is a completely different format that can not be parsed.