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Free-to-play demo and full digital download available. Colin McRae: DiRT 2 is only now available for Mac gamers who can download a hefty.
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  • Superb rally cross game for Mac.
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Browse with Brave. Learn more. The game aims for authenticity with the way cars feel and handle as you hurtle around various rally tracks from around the world.

Colin McRae DIRT crashes every time on Mac Pro '08: FIXED!

View full description. PROS Supports over different gamepad controllers Highly detailed, realistic graphics 45 different cars included Advanced tuning options to account for weather and track adjustments for hardcore fans. CONS Very expensive compared to many other racing games Incompatible with many hardware models Keyboard controls are awful Very difficult game. Softonic review Advertisement. DiRT Rally is a racing game that places you in the seat of a rally car driver.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 for Mac - Download

Supercars Racing Fre, fast-paced car racing game. So, if you're going to be without internet for a bit, just use steam and set it to offline mode, while you're still connected.

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  • mac f11 key not working.

Then you should be good to go until you've got internet again. This is weird I can't figure out how to use flashbacks in the game. I thought this game had them like Grid.

You should be able to flashback like in Grid. I can't remember the default binding for keyboard, but if youre using a controller its X by default.

There should be a way to see and change the keybindings in the options somewhere. I tried playing the game without using GFWL and being offline..

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Though you can play the game you cannot save your game progress. Please Log In to post.

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This topic is locked from further discussion. Is there anywhere other then on Steam where I can download this game online? Cool, do you have to install other software besides the game to play it? I don't want to put more junk on my system. Dirt 2 uses GFWL so you're gonna have to install something anyway. Sadly, like agpickle says, this game requires GFWL, though unlike steam you don't have to keep a separate program to run your game, though GFWL tends to be pretty annoying too.

Thanks guys! Thanks bi99man and agpickle..

Demo of the second version of the classic rally racing game

No prob. I go into instantreply with F1 and I can only fastforward and rewind. Am I doing something wrong?