All usb ports stopped working mac pro

If multiple USB devices are not working on a particular port, or all ports, And yes, this can apply to any and all Macs, whether a MacBook Pro.
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Two things that might be worth paying attention to in addition though: — the USB connections will most probably not work while the Mac is charging its own battery. Hey guys, sometimes it happens cause of one pin of the USB port may be bent by pressure of usb device connector! Check your port by looking at the port with a flash light. You can simply fix it. Push the bent pin by tip of a small screwdriver. Good Luck. Thanks a bunch!

Quick fix for "USB port not working"

I get that a SMC reset should heal this. Im really frustrated, could this be a logic board issue? Anyone else have this issue? Late MacBook Pro 5,1. Still only one of them working on my early MacBook Pro.

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I tried the PRAM reset, too. Worked like on a charm on my Macbook Pro! My USB ports had stopped working. Took just a few minutes and I am back in business. Brilliant thank you. I thought it was broken and bought a cheap new one which wrecked everything. What sort of Apple-paid hack are you? Admit it.

Fix Mac USB Ports Not Working

Actually USB usually does work. Usually means under normal conditions. So, under normal conditions, USB would work fine. But under abnormal conditions, USB may not work or stop working on a Mac, or any other computer. None of these resets worked. Any ideas? Worked on my Mac Pro Then when releasing buttons, it changed to green briefly then back to orange because it was not fully charged.

SOLVED: My USB ports are disabled. - MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid - iFixit

Thought I did it wrong first time so repeated the process; same observation. My mouse is a cheap Logitech. And I was sure the USB port was not working by testing w the printer input cable between my two ports. This worked like a charm guys! Thanks guys! Took a couple of restarts before I got it right but it worked. Im having problem with my macbook pro 13 inch early The problem im facing is that both of my usb port gives out power, for e.

Is that overprice and should i attempt on repairing it myself by getting the the replacement of the ports on ebay or amazon? Thanks Alot Mac, Tested continity of the filters and they came back OK but obviously the resisitance had changed. Also There was 5v going to the USB and the data lines went from 0. This worked for me as well — yeesh I wish I had looked this up sooner, been living with only one port for a while now. Same thing for my card reader if I use that instead of connecting the camera. I have a problem regarding with my mouse Razer Krait edition.

I have already installed razer synapse in order for this thing to function properly but still it will not suddenly work few minutes after i plugged the device in the right usb port of my macbook. I tried to switch it on the other side but still the problem is the same.

Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac

How can i manage this problem? Will you please guide me? Is there any reason as to why that would be? Is it possible it still reset? Thank you! Resetting SMC worked for me. I panicked for about two hours after my USB port stopped reading my devices. The light did change color on the power adapter.

Thank you SO much! So I had the same problem with USB ports not working on a macbook pro. I tried restarting the computer, updating software None of that worked. The screen flashed white and gave the start up sound then went back to black four times before I let it go, then I started the computer and logged back in as normal to find the USB ports working.

Or just, you know, call apple. Fixed my problem in about five minutes. Renae, this is very helpful information, thanks for reporting exactly what worked for you to fix your MacBook Pro USB ports when they were not working! Wow—this totally worked!! Your advice saved the day. Both ports stopped working and I needed to use them for a deadline project. Thanks so much. Thanks so much!!

How to Fix a Non-Functional USB Port on MacBook Pro

I thought I was going to have to pay apple to fix it since I didnt have apple care! This worked like a charm for me, thanks. Thank you so much! I have a razer driver that was not working but now works, and my drawing tablet works now!!! Luv u! Hi Guys, after reading all the responses, first off, if the above stated solution works, then good.

Now, some responses were, that one should throw the logic board in the trash, bad idea. Easy solution, replace all the filters for each port or just the ones on the data line. USB ports fixed. Yes this is quite technical and maybe only suited for an electronics engineer, but I am not and I can do it. These kind of repairs are easier than one would think, there is still hope. Can you make a video on this?

Or at least a very detailed photo-document?

So, this worked for me and my USB started working again, what a relief! I saw no light blinking or changing color on the power adapter, but I held all the buttons down for about 60 seconds, restarted, and it worked! My seemingly non-working USB port now recognizes my devices. My problem is this.